District History & Mission

Our Mission

Enriching Lives through Exceptional Parks and Recreation Opportunities That Strengthen Our Community.

Our Vision

To be the primary recreation provider of choice for the Fair Oaks community.

Our Values

  • Health & Wellness
    • Providing and promoting healthy lifestyle opportunities
  • Safety
    • Ensuring safe and secure environments
  • Sustainability
    • A sustainable park system supported by decisions that provide services at a sustainable rate, such as providing infrastructure that can be reasonably maintained, setting realistic program and service delivery targets, or modifying land management techniques to increase efficiency.
  • Inclusion
    • Removing barriers so that all people have an equal opportunity to enjoy the benefits of parks and recreation.
  • Integrity
    • Exhibiting trust and transparency in all our actions.
  • Adventure
    • Add excitement and enjoyment for our customers through programs and events to improve their quality of life.
  • Innovation
    • Implement new technology, promote creativity, communicate a shared vision and recognize trends by being responsive and adaptive.

Facts About the District

  • Total acreage of parks: 123 
  • 11 developed parks 
  • Population of over 35,000 served in District 
  • Numerous year-round recreation programs for people of all ages.

The Fair Oaks Recreation & Park District has been serving the community of Fair Oaks since 1945. Fair Oaks residents have a long history of dedication to parks and recreation. In 1945, the District was formed to provide recreation and park facilities, and programs, for the 2,300 citizens of the District. The District soon began to acquire or gain title to a number of park properties and recreation facilities beginning with the Fair Oaks Plaza in 1947.

The District provides a wide range of recreation programming, including Special Events, Day Camps, Teen Programs and Trips, Adult Sports Leagues, Senior Activities, Youth Programs, Leisure Enrichment Classes, and year-round recreation programs. The District owns and operates the Community Clubhouse, the McMillan Center, and the Old Fair Oaks Library. In 1992, the District acquired the Fair Oaks Courthouse and renovated it for use as the District Administration building.

The Benefits Are Endless

Did you know California has 525 local parks and recreation agencies, serving 34.5 million residents? Local parks and recreation services, such as the Fair Oaks Recreation & Park District, provide essential community benefits!

Our parks build community pride, provide safe play areas, increase property values, and provide clean air and water. Recreation creates healthier lifestyles, conquers boredom, builds family unity and reduces stress. Go visit one of our parks or try one of our classes and see the benefits for yourself!