Fair Oaks Bike Park

Phoenix Park | 9050 Sunset Ave. | Open Dusk to Dawn*

Located in Phoenix Park, the newly launched Fair Oaks Bike Park is an exciting, family-friendly skills course and pump track geared towards beginning and intermediate riders. Fair Oaks Bike Park provides a safe and fun environment where young and old can ride their bikes while improving their overall abilities and fitness.

*Inclement weather may close park.

Closures & Updates

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Features of the Park

Pump Track

The pump track is a short series of bumps and banked turns, called berms, where riders complete laps along a dirt course. Pump tracks allow riders to learn how to interact with their bikes and the terrain. Riders learn they can use their whole bodies to control their bikes, which ultimately gives them more skill, more confidence, more power, and more safety when riding.

Skills Course

Comprised of wood track and tunnel features, the skills course provides the opportunity for riders to develop a range of wide range of more technical bike skills, including handling, balancing, and turning.

History of the Bike ParkAerial view of bike park in 2018

The Fair Oaks Bike Park, first-designed by the American Ramp Company (ARC), was installed in spring 2018 in Phoenix Park where it offered a skills course for young riders.  In 2019, Family Freeride, a local non-profit, envisioned a more progressive style bike park that would offer a wider variety of features and challenge riders’ abilities over a larger age range. Out of this vision the concept of the current pump track was developed.  In 2020, Family Freeride’s vision of an enhanced bike park finally came to full fruition when the Fair Oaks Recreation & Park District Board of Directors approved Measure J funding to improve the park and make it a popular destination for those looking for a real thrill on two wheels.

Family FreeRide Partnership

The District has been in partnership with Family Freeride since 2019. It was founded as a local non-profit dedicated to getting kids, families, and communities on bikes more often through group rides and advocacy.  They offer beginner-friendly group rides held on Friday afternoons at Phoenix Park from March through October. For information on group rides and Family Freeride programs, please visit their site.

Park Resources

In case of emergency, dial 911.

Fair Oaks Bike Park Rules

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