Measure J

In November of 2018 the residents of Fair Oaks Recreation & Park District (FORPD) passed Measure J a $26.9 Million Dollar General Obligation Bond which will help fund major projects that will improve and expand the services provided by FORPD.

The four major projects identified in the Measure J’s ballot language are:

• Renovation and improvements to Village Park, Fair Oaks Community Clubhouse, Veteran's Memorial Amphitheatre, and the addition of the Fair Oaks Village Park Community Center.  The project includes additional parking, pedestrian circulation and improved access for visitors with a disability (ADA Improvements). To see the presentation from the July 16, 2019 Community Meeting and a draft plan, please click here.

• Construction of two new softball fields at Phoenix Park including parking expansion and traffic flow improvements.

• District wide projects that will improve the safety of park users, new park development and protection of open space.

FORPD takes seriously its responsibility to be accountable to taxpayers and patrons. The Parks Bond includes requirements for independent citizen oversight and regular audits to ensure that tax dollars are spent effectively and as promised. The Bond Oversight Committee (BOC) was implemented by the FORPD Board of Directors in March 2019.

For more information about Measure J, please call the District Office at 916-966-1036.