Fair Oaks Preschool

We are a Recreation-Based Preschool Program

Fair Oaks Preschool’s focus is on the social development of children ages three through five years old. Children will benefit by developing their social skills through play, art, projects, stories, songs, games, and outside play. Children will also have the opportunity to develop their independence, self-help and sharing skills and learn to follow directions.

Our free-flow structure and developmentally-appropriate curriculum provide an environment where each unique child can learn and grow, and where parents can learn more about their children.

2024-2025 Enrollment & Updated Program Information will be available starting February 1, 2024.  Open Enrollment for the Fair Oaks Preschool 2024-25 School Year will take place on April 25, 2024 at 9AM.

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Process-Focused, not Product-Based Learning

We believe that children develop best when allowed the opportunity to work through an activity unconstrained to a desired outcome. Our approach to learning is focused not on what the final product looks like but rather on the creative process it took to get there.

Our program targets two stages of preschool educational development: ages 3-4 (Thursday/Friday sessions) and ages 4-5 (Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday AM & PM sessions).  All children in the program must be fully potty trained and may not be in diapers / pull ups.

Our Classes

Monday / Wednesday / Friday

Monday/Wednesday/Friday Class

4-5 Year Old AM / PM

The four- and five-year-old AM/PM classes are based upon a nine-month curriculum designed to prepare a child for elementary school. Cooperation and sharing are emphasized in games, music and movement, arts and crafts, academics and supervised free play throughout the year. Students can begin at any time and will not be behind others.

Class Times & Costs per Session

  • M / W / F - AM | 9:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m. $310 / session

  • M / W / F - PM  | 1:00 p.m. - 4:00 p.m.  | $310 / session

*Each session is 4 weeks.

Tuesday / Thursday

Tuesday/Thursday Class

3-4 Year Old AM

The three- and four-year-old AM class is a recreation-oriented program and is a good introduction to group activities. Children will experience simple arts and crafts, show and tell, circle time, organized games and supervised free play.

Class Times & Costs per Session

TU / TH | 9:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m. | $260 / session

*Each session is 4 weeks.

Meet Our Team

Mary Stoakley

Preschool Director



CSU, Sacramento, B.S.

Recreation, Parks, & Tourism Administration & A.S. Liberal Studies in Elementary Education

Joined the Team in 2015

"My passion for this program comes from seeing young children learn, develop social and cognitive skills, and witnessing the advancement in their development in order to prepare themselves to thrive as they move forward to Kindergarten and beyond!"

Alisha Koehn

Preschool Teacher


Alisha Headshot

Teaching Credential

Child Development | 10 Years Experience

Joined the Team in 2017

"A child’s resiliency is developed by the age of five years old. During that time, every person they meet and every moment they experience has the potential to build a ladder for that child. I love preschool because I am given that opportunity every single day."

Shama Raj

Preschool Assistant


Shama Headshot

CSU, Sacramento, B.S.

Behavioral Sciences | Recreation Therapy

Joined the Team in 2018

This area of child development at the preschool level is so interesting to work in. These kids are incredibly smart and what I love most is watching them grow over the course of the year.

  1. Alisha Koehn

    Preschool Teacher