Class Information


We believe that children develop best when allowed the opportunity to work through an activity unconstrained to a desired outcome. Our approach to learning is focused not on what the final product looks like but rather on the creative process it took to get there.

Our program targets two stages of preschool educational development: ages 3-4 (Thursday/Friday sessions) and ages 4-5 (Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday AM & PM sessions).



Monday/Wednesday/ Friday Class

4-5 Year old AM/PM

The four- and five-year-old AM/PM classes are based upon a nine-month curriculum designed to prepare a child for elementary school. Cooperation and sharing are emphasized in games, music and movement, arts and crafts, academics and supervised free play throughout the year. Students can begin at any time and will not be behind others.

CLASS TIMES & COSTS per session

ClassHoursTuition Fee
M / W / F - AM9:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m.$310 / session
M / W / F - PM1:00 p.m. - 4:00 p.m.$310 / session

*Each session is 4 weeks.


Tuesday/Thursday Class

3-4 year old am

The three- and four-year-old AM class is a recreation-oriented program and is a good introduction to group activities. Children will experience simple arts and crafts, show and tell, circle time, organized games and supervised free play.

CLASS TIMES & COSTS per session

ClassHoursTuition Fee
TU / TH9:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m.$260 / session

*Each session is 4 weeks.

  1. Health & Emergencies

WHAT WE ARE DOING FOR Our Fair Oaks Preschool Families

The health and well-being of our families is our #1 priority! Here is what we are doing the at Fair Oaks Preschool to keep everyone as safe as possible:

  • Contact-less Drop-off and Pick-up done electronically
  • Additional sanitation of facility and shared equipment
  • Increased training for Fair Oaks Preschool and District Staff on new procedures related to COVID-19
  • Notices to families regarding exposure to communicable diseases in the classroom


Each child must have a completed registration packet on file before their first day of Fair Oaks Preschool. The registration packet is completed online. Each individual profile contains the information we need in order to provide your child with the best care possible, including emergency contact information, health information such as allergies and other conditions, authorized adult pick-up list, etc. Parents/Legal Guardians will receive an email to fill out the packet following completed preschool registration.


No child will be allowed at school if they have experienced any COVID-19 related symptoms in the last 24 hours. For a list of COVID-19 related symptoms please visit - COVID19.CA.GOV. Children who have a temperature of 100.4 degrees will not be permitted to attend school. A refund will be processed for the missed days of school related to COVID-19.

In case of an illness or injury that requires a child to be picked up from school, the parent or guardian (listed first on the child’s form) will be contacted. In the event that contact is not made, the second parent or emergency contact listed on the child’s form will be contacted. Staff will continue down the list of those individuals permitted to pick up the child, (as indicated on their form) until an authorized individual is contacted that is able to pick up the child.


Any prescribed medication that needs to be administered during Fair Oaks Preschool hours must be sent in the child’s lunchbox. Children will only be allowed to bring one day’s dosage of medication in their lunch box. Lunch boxes will be locked in a secure place and it is up to the child to remember to take their medication. Medications will not be allowed at Fair Oaks Preschool without a written note/prescription for the child’s doctor and approval noted on child’s form.

  1. Chelsey Adams

    Recreation Supervisor
    Phone: 916-536-6401

  1. Alisha Koehn

    Preschool Teacher
    Phone: 916-966-3668