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To allow youth the opportunity to provide advice, recommendations, special events, programs, and information to the Community of Fair Oaks and surrounding areas.


FOYAB, organized and supported by the Fair Oaks Recreation & Park District, is a youth oriented program designed to foster leadership skills while providing programs and events that benefit the residents in the community.

FOYAB serves in an advisory capacity to the Board of Directors and is designed to give the youth of Fair Oaks and the Sacramento area input into the District, its related functions and its programs. They are empowered by the District Board and Park District staff to assume responsibility for certain activities throughout the year.


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Our students come from high school and middle schools in and around Fair Oaks. The Board is comprised of:

  • One elected Chair (President)
  • One elected Vice Chair
  • One elected Secretary
  • One elected Programming Officer
  • The Youth Commissioners (FOYAB & Jr. FOYAB Members)


Our Youth Commissioners work together to accomplish these tasks:

  • Review issues relating to programs and services for children and youth.
  • Provide recreational programs and events to bring families within the community together.
  • Strengthen community image and sense of place through events & programs.
  • Create a forum for discussions with children, youth, and their families.
  • Advocate for services and programs for children and youth.
  • Make recommendations for programs, policies, and any necessary legislation to promote the health and well-being of children, youth, and their families.
  • Work with both the public and private sector to bring forth the concerns of children and youth, as well as, evaluate programming that will enhance the development of children and youth.


The purpose of our Jr. FOYAB program is to allow middle school aged youth the opportunity to be mentored by high school aged youth while obtaining valuable knowledge and experience on youth programming, outreach, and community involvement.

This unique program offers middle school students an opportunity to grow into dedicated, conscientious individuals. They learn what it means to work hard as a team to achieve bigger goals in the service of the community. Our Jr. FOYAB members finish the year ready for the challenges of high school and beyond!


Smoke Free Parks Initiative


In 2018, The Fair Oaks Board of Directors adopted a Smoke, Vape, and Tobacco Free Parks Policy which FOYAB had the opportunity to support.  With their assistance FORPD prepared and created a policy and FOYAB decided their role would be to assist with the purchasing of signage for all District parks, as well as be the leader for education in the community. FOYAB and FORPD were recognized by the Sac County Tobacco Control Coalition in November 2018 for their success in the project.

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