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  1. JAN. 2023

JANUARY 20, 2023

After 12.64” of rain in December and 6.23” of rain in January, there hasn’t been a lot of movement on the project site in the village. Bobo is continuing to work on the roof of the Arts & Crafts Building and roughing in electrical in the Clubhouse Auditorium; however, site work has been made impossible by the muddy and wet conditions. 

Throughout the recent storms Bobo has been working diligently to manage storm water run-off in an effort to avoid flooding our neighbors or letting construction-dirtied water from entering our storm water system. 

But the sun is out now and everyone is back to work! The parking areas along the front of the Clubhouse and both the north and south side of Village Park have been completed in a big way. The hope is to stripe those parking spaces during the week of January the 23rd. Once that is completed, those parking areas will open to the general public while constructions continues elsewhere throughout the project site. 

The site needed to be tidied up after the storms to ensure that there wasn’t water where it shouldn’t be (such as in under-slab electrical conduits). Expect work to begin soon on the concrete pad for the new Amphitheater building. The goal is still to have connections completed by PG&E by the end of February. Once the pad is in place, we all should see some rapid progression on the building – especially framing up walls and making the site look a little bit more like the building it will one day be.

JANUARY 6, 2023

Rain has hampered progress throughout the Village Park site, creating muddy conditions which prevent work from continuing. Despite that setback, Bobo Construction has been performing what work they can to remain on schedule. 

Electricians continue to rough in the electrical throughout the Clubhouse.  

Immediately prior to the last rain event, construction had begun on the permeable pavers which will form the parking stalls. The nose-in parking along California Avenue is about halfway completed and looks great! The District still plans on opening parking to the public once completed, though the remainder of the site will stay closed while construction continues throughout. 

The District is working with SMUD to align site electrical with the area’s current electrical setup and future needs. 

The District is working closely with PG&E to provide utility hook-ups for the future Amphitheatre and Community Center building. This connection must wait until the footings are finalized on that structure. Expectations are that it will likely be the beginning of February before this occurs. 

The District is working closely with the Fair Oaks Water District on site needs whether it be for irrigation, potable water in the facilities, or fire hydrants and fire suppression systems. 

Bobo Construction has identified a leak in the Clubhouse roof and is currently seeking the source to provide a fix. 

The new roof on the Arts & Crafts Building is progressing nicely. The District is pleased to note that there were no leaks present during the last few rain events, and the interior of the building remains in good condition. 

Footings and posts have been erected for the new arbor being installed between the Amphitheatre and the Village Park playground. 

Once the weather clears and the ground dries expect to see construction back up to full speed! 

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