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Measure J in the Community

January/February 2021

Measure J Projects continue on at pace!

Jim Streng Park’s construction documents have been completed and have gone to bid. The District will be considering all bids submitted before picking the appropriate bidder. Construction will commence soon after the bidding process is complete.

Some additional Measure J funding was supplied to the Fair Oaks Bike Park to install an irrigation system and a rolling gate to close the area for maintenance. Final bids are back on the gate fabrication and install, and construction will commence in the beginning of February. The irrigation system was designed and installed by District staff, which was a great cost saving measure while still ensuring high quality workmanship.

Village, Plaza, the Community Clubhouse, and the Veteran’s Memorial Amphitheater are getting closer to construction every day. The park site construction documents are at 100%, the Amphitheater plans at 95%, and the Clubhouse plans are awaiting permits. There is still some final review required of each set of plans before the District goes out to bid. We’ll keep working on each set diligently.

As always, for more information check out the District’s webpage set up to promote transparency at

December 2020

The Village and Plaza Park projects continue in construction document creation and review. COVID-19 has created delays in the review process throughout construction projects across the nation.

Improvements to the Community Clubhouse continue as well. At this point, designs are set and District staff are in the process of deciding on materials and aesthetics for the project.

The Veteran’s Memorial Amphitheater is likewise on-going, as staff is working closely with project architects to identify all potential issues with the design and correct those issues during the finalization of construction documents.

*Project start dates are still estimated to be within quarter one 2021 or the first half of 2021.

November 2020

Designs for the Village Park project have been returned from the county with comments and are being reviewed by District personnel. Currently they are considered to be at 65% and will need to be updated and returned to County design review. The Amphitheater design is likewise progressing through County design review. Construction is still expected to begin in the first half of 2021.

Construction for Jim Streng Park is awaiting a final construction timeline based on Covid-19 related delays with County design review; however, District staff estimates that construction will begin soon.

October 2020

Measure J projects continue their review with Sacramento County. Swallow Way, which has been officially named Jim Streng Park, has received comments back from Sac County and staff has worked together with landscape architects to meet those requirements. The changes are minor and will not affect the overall park design. Review continues on the project at Village and Plaza Park, the Community Clubhouse, and the Veteran’s Memorial Amphitheater

September 2020

The Fair Oaks Recreation & Park District's Board of Directors are seeking applicants for the Bond Oversight Committee (BOC), the independent advisory committee to the Fair Oaks Recreation & Park District’s board. The BOC will be responsible for the overview of bond expenditures and to certify that all bond funds will only be spent on allowable bond projects as identified in the ballot language of Measure J. For complete details and to apply please visit

The deadline to submit is 9/8/20 by 5pm.

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