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Phoenix Dog Park Rules (PDF)


  1. Dog Park

The Phoenix Dog Park is situated in the southwest corner of Phoenix Park, formerly occupied by the Jim David T-ball Fields. There are three fenced-in areas: one for smaller dogs, one for larger dogs, and a special needs area for disabled, shy, and aggressive dogs.

There are two entrances to the Dog Park, separated by a fence to make entry and exit easier and to prevent and reduce confrontation. There are also shade structures and benches for the comfort and convenience of patrons. The Dog Park is open dawn to dusk 6 days a week.

On Thursdays, the park is closed dawn to 5 p.m. during the Spring / Summer and closed all day during the Fall/Winter. The Thursday closures are designated for maintenance and turf recovery.


The Phoenix Park Dog Park will be closed from November 12th-15th for scheduled maintenance.  Depending on weather and other time constraints, the closure may extend into the following week.  Stay up to date on our District website or on Twitter at @phoenixdogpark.

Weather Closings

To minimize costly damage and longer closures, the District will periodically close the park during the rainy season. We appreciate your patience and understanding when it is closed. If you would like to be informed of the closures you may sign up to receive notifications via text or Twitter. View instructions on how to receive notifications (PDF).

For more information on the Fair Oaks Responsible Dog Owners' Group, please visit