How many facilities and parks are there in the District?

The Fair Oaks Recreation & Park District currently owns, operates and maintains ten parks and eight facilities.


  • Fair Oaks Park
    • 11549 Fair Oaks Boulevard Park
    • Amenities include: basketball court, softball fields, soccer field, playground, horseshoes, skateboard park, picnic areas, BBQ area, multipurpose field, community garden, horticultural center and the McMillan Center.
  • Gum Ranch Park
    • 5600 Tuckeroo Way
    • Amenities include: splash pad, pickleball court, walk paths, playgrounds, covered picnic areas, and restrooms.
  • Jim Streng Park
    • 8855 Swallow Way
    • Amenities include: playground, uncovered seating areas, drinking fountain and bottle filler.
  • Miller Park
    • 8480 Sunset Avenue Park
    • Amenities include: basketball court, tennis courts, playground, horseshoes, picnic areas and BBQ area.
  • Little Phoenix Park
    • 9041 Phoenix Avenue Park
    • Amenities include: playground and picnic areas.
  • Phoenix Park
    • 9050 Sunset Avenue Park
    • Amenities include: soccer fields, playgrounds, picnic areas, Little League, multipurpose fields, horseshoes, Vernal Pools, community garden and dog park.
  • Bannister Park
    • 3820 Bannister Road Park
    • Amenities include: soccer and multipurpose fields.
  • Montview Park
    • 4401 Minnesota Ave Park
    • Amenities include: playground and picnic areas.
  • Madison Place Park
    • 5542 Cannes Way
    • Amenities include: playground and picnic tables.
  • Plaza Park
    • 7003 Park Drive Park
    • Amenities include: picnic areas and the Veterans Memorial Amphitheatre.
  • Village Park
    • 4238 Main Street Park
    • Amenities include: playground, picnic areas, Arts and Crafts Building, and the Community Clubhouse (Upper and Lower Level).
  • Vintage Woods
    • Hazel & Madison by Petco Park
    • Amenities include: walking path


  • District Office
    4150 Temescal Street
  • Community Clubhouse Auditorium
    7997 California Avenue Unit #1
  • Village Hall
    7997 California Avenue Unit #1
  • Arts & Crafts Building
    7997 California Avenue Unit #2 Classroom A Classroom B
  • McMillan Center
    11549 Fair Oaks Blvd.
  • Old Fair Oaks Library
    4200 Temescal Street
  • Fair Oaks Preschool
    8090 Grand Avenue
  • Veterans Memorial Amphitheater
    7991 California Avenue

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1. What are your hours of operation?
2. What time do the parks open and close?
3. How many facilities and parks are there in the District?
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6. Do I need a permit to have a bounce house in the Park?
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9. Are picnic areas available on a first come, first serve basis if they are not rented?
10. Can I bring my own BBQ into the park?
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12. Why does my dog have to be on a leash? Why can't they be in the Vernal Pools?
13. Can I park at Bannister Park?
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19. How can I get a refund for a class or program?
20. Which payment methods are accepted by the District?
21. Who regulates the wildlife (including the chickens)?
22. I want to report suspicious or criminal activity in the park?
23. How do I report graffiti or other problems within a park?
24. How do I become a volunteer?
25. Can I post flyers / banners in the parks?