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75th Anniversary Call for Memories & Photos

  1. Fair Oaks 75th Anniversary Celebration
    The Fair Oaks Recreation & Park District is turning 75 years old in October, 2020. To commemorate this special occasion, the District is planning a week-long celebration and inviting the public to send in photos and memories of District facilities, parks, programs, events, classes, camps, and more from 1945 to the present day. Photos and memories submitted may be used for advertising or in promotional materials for the celebration and may be printed or shared online and over social media. We hope you will join us as we celebrate the past, present, and future of our wonderful community!
  2. Share Your Memories
    In this section, feel free to share with us any of the great memories you have of your involvement in the Fair Oaks community over the years. You can write a story or testimonial or upload photos, videos, or other documents. Please include dates and names of events/programs of any uploads below for context.
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    Please provide us with your name and best way to follow up with you (email or phone).
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  12. Thank You!
    We appreciate your help in making our 75th anniversary a special celebration for the entire community to enjoy.
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