Phoenix Park Community Garden

About the Garden

Located in the back Southwest corner of Phoenix Park is a community garden. The Phoenix Park Community Garden has 54 plots and was officially established in the Spring of 2005, making this one of the youngest community gardens in Fair Oaks.


The mission of the Garden is simple. Working in partnership with the Fair Oaks Recreation and Parks District, it offers a safe and wholesome environment to its members to grow fruits and vegetables in a healthy, non-toxic and sustainable way. Our gardeners come from all walks of life. They include parents with young children; business owners; executives; retirees and anyone who has a desire to plant, grow and harvest great food to feed their families, friends and the community at large. Much of the Garden’s excess produce is shared with the local VFW Post to help meet the needs of their members.


The Garden’s vision is also simple. It strives to promote a community-based lifestyle. Our members welcome anyone to come and visit the Garden and to talk to them about the importance of community and sharing of information. The Garden also strives to continually find ways to improve upon its relatively short history. In 2018, the Garden was fortunate to add a Master Beekeeper to its membership. Through his efforts, the efforts of the Garden’s Coordinators and the support of the Fair Oaks Recreation and Park District, the Phoenix Community Garden was one of the first to receive approval to install beehives to increase pollination. The Garden currently houses 3 honey bee hives to cover its 54 plot radius. The impact of this addition to the Garden has been amazing in the increase of crop production.


The Garden’s membership values hard work and first and foremost, having fun working in the soil and enjoying the bounty that comes from Mother Nature. We also enjoy the camaraderie that comes with a community-based experience. We get to see each other in rare form; covered in sweat and dirt and loving every minute of it!

Contact Us

For anyone interested in joining this great Garden, please contact the Fair Oaks Recreation and Park District at (916) 966-1036.

In the News

Good Day Sacramento | June 23, 2020

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