Water Conservation Measures

The District is committed to focusing on water conservation efforts to ensure that we are meeting mandatory water reductions. Thank you for visiting this page to find out more about what FORPD is doing to save our precious commodity. In order to remain proactive, we have outlined our four major areas of focus which are:

Reduce Usage

The District has reduced water usage from 2014 to 2015 by a total of 36% thanks to the dedication of staff and the Fair Oaks Recreation and Park District Board of Directors. We continue to research and brainstorm ways that we can decrease usage annually.

Report Waste

We need your help! Water waste does occur in the parks for various reasons such as broken irrigation heads due to sporting activities, cracks in irrigation pipes, misuse of equipment causing water flow to increase, etc. District staff will respond to water waste issues when we are aware of the issue; however, often times the park users (community) are the first to spot a leak/issue. If you see an issue please report water waste in your parks by emailing us or by calling our Parks On-Call Phone at 916-240-3651.


District staff identified areas within the parks where existing turf that was being irrigated could be reclaimed. When we reclaim an area we cap irrigation heads and utilize free mulch to cover the area. Once the area is covered with 4 to 6 inches of mulch we consider the area officially reclaimed because we are no longer irrigating the area which adds to District water conservation measures. The reclamation project was a major factor in the successful reduction of 36% by the District in 2014.

Replace & Education

The District is upgrading and/or replacing broken, outdated and damaged sprinklers, pipes and valves. This is a tedious task that requires time and staff hours. While the sprinklers water during nighttime hours, staff will turn them on periodically during the day to ensure that they are performing properly. Park staff works with all of our user groups to minimize water use from our gardens to our playing fields to our picnic areas to our Dog Park.

Water Conservation Advertisement
Volunteers Spreading Mulch
Rick replacing irrigation at Phoenix Park
 Sam repairing irrigation on the soccer fields