District Master Plan

The Fair Oaks Recreation & Park District has updated the District Master Plan for Parks, Facilities and Recreation Services. The product of the District Master Plan is a comprehensive plan for parks, facilities and recreation services that documents the community's demographic needs, assesses current services and facilities.

The District Master Plan includes strategies to respond to gaps between current services and facilities, unmet needs and new services or facilities for the future.

First Master Plan

The District's first master plan was adopted in 1969 and was subsequently updated in 1974, 1986 and 1998. While the emphasis on the first plan was on policies, recreation programs, facilities and financing, the various updated plans were more comprehensive in nature and addressed land-use patterns, circulation routes, neighborhood characteristics, and plans for park improvements including illustrative maps of each park. The 1998 Master Plan addressed primarily facilities improvements.

Current Plan

Presently, the District owns nine park sites totaling approximately 121 acres, eight facilities, and provides a wide range of recreation services to a population of 28,000 residents. In the past ten years, the District, within Budget constraints, implemented the recommendations of the previous Master Plan. Time, program demands, funding constraints and demographic changes all contribute to the need to update the District's Master Plan.

Master Plan by Chapter